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Our western & Native designs are the newest designs to hit the webpage, please look through them, learn about them, and enjoy, we are so excited to finally be able to show you!

Desk clock    The meaning of the Wolf symbol is to symbolize direction and leadership and the wolf symbol also embodied both protection and destruction. The Wolf signified strength, endurance, Instinct linked with intelligence, family values and believed to give guidance in dreams and meditation. Many American Indians considered themselves descended from wolves, and thus worshiped the wolf as both a god and ancestor.  click here to order.

These designs have numerous forms, and choices. There are stands (pictured above with clock option) or you can chose to have the art hang (pictured below).


 This exquisite piece shows the leather wrapping along the top of the feather, the grain matches with this piece so nicely!

Remember- no piece is the same! (and it smells GREAT!) 

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The Kokopelli symbol is represented in a number of guises depicting his role as a source of  music making and dancing and spreading joy. The distinguishing features of the Kokopelli symbol are his hunchback, his dancing pose and his flute. The hunch on his back represented the sack he carried which might contain seeds for the harvest, the songs he carried and beautiful rainbows. The flute he plays symbolizes his music that changes the winter to spring. There are many legends and myths about Kokopelli.  

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Here you can see the stand alone Kokopelli, He is one of our favorites!

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The meaning of the Thunder bird symbol was to signify courage, wisdom and strength and its purpose was to deliver messages to the Creator. The eagle was believed to carry prayers to the Great Spirit, the eagle also had a special connection with visions. Eagle Feathers were highly significant to the Native American Indians and it is believed the bones of eagles were used to make whistles and flutes used at religious ceremonies.

Keep in mind that no two pieces are alike! The natural rawness of the wood, make it impossible- Isn't that amazing!? Plus it smells wonderful!

The Thunderbird  to the right is a wonderfully colored piece! You can hang him where you can see him in the office, in your bedroom, or in the living room, where guests can see! This piece also shows the "leather wrapping" around the top, so eloquent!

In the sacred circles of wisdom among NW coastal tribes, the Thunderbird perches regally on top of Totem Poles to denote ultimate status - an emblem of power and supreme chief among the Native spirit energies.

Awesome side note, Totem Poles are traditionally made from the cedar tree, and the cedar is sacred to the Thunderbird.

This popular piece to the left has the clock option displayed, with the stand. It will sit virtually anywhere with a flat surface. Click here to view.

"The End of the Trail" 

This piece is another one that is really popular, because of the stories told and how wonderful he looks inside this feather. This specific piece has a wonderful grain mixture, the only one like it!

pictured here is a hanging piece, without the leather wrapping around the top.

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The End of the Trail, with stand. This is such a wonderful piece, the feather is inverted here, and the clock option makes this a great desk present.
Have I mentioned that the Cedar smells fantastic!

The The End of the Trail
This option, the feather is right side up,
with no clock option (more wood grain to
admire!) with "leather wrapping"along the top.
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In Plains Indian tribes, lizards are associated with healing and survival. They are also believed to go along with masculinity.
In some tribes, a newborn boy's umbilical cord was sewn into an amulet in the shape of a lizard to ensure his health and strength.

This Gecko piece is shown with the leather wrapping and the stand display. The white grain on the edge is so beautiful! Want to see more?

Gecko's, Gecko's and More...Gecko's!!

Clock Display with stand. Artwork is strategically placed inside the inverted feather, for your enjoyment! Click here to get yours now!

The Hoop Dancer was one of the first pieces we created, you can view him at the store here!

During the dance, shapes are formed in storytelling ritual such as the butterfly, the eagle, the snake, and the coyote, with the hoop symbolizing the never-ending circle of life.
Mother Teresa, or the "Madonna"
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column 2
The Eagle head is very prominent in this piece, we take pride in creating such beautiful pieces like this one, as you can see he can come with the clock option also (pictured right).

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